Reducing the Physical Clutter of Memories

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Having a hard time getting rid of some of that extra memorabilia you’ve been carrying around in life with you? Cleaning our basement made me realize a lot of these items are more about the memories of the times or the moment given!

I’ve read about taking a snapshot of the cherished item in order to memorialize it but still allow for you to pass it along or get rid of it (while retaining the memories). It might be worth a try, as I try to get back to simpler times, more focused on people and less on things.

In addition to this, taking pictures of all your prized possessions can be helpful in case of an insurance loss.

Just be sure to think about the storage of the images so the possible loss of them is not another thing to weigh on your mind. Try to keep a backup somewhere or have someone you trust to keep the images. A backup solution could be as simple as storing them in a safe deposit box, or uploading them to a reputable cloud provider (could even use Google Drive). Over time, commonly used media changes (remember old floppy disks or zip drives?), so be sure to keep your way of storing the images up to date so that they may be accessed. Also, double-check (preferably on another PC, etc.) that the disk or whatever media is able to be read properly.

A way to appreciate these items even more is to have the photos directory set as the location of your computer’s lock screen. In this way, you can possibly get more enjoyment and appreciation of of the item as you see occasionally show up on your screen.

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