The Practical Reason to Favor Quality: You Only Have So Much Space

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Has it happened to you yet? Have you run out of rooms for TVs? We did! Take advice from us old been-here-longer folks and spot our mistake…

If you’re not quite into TVs, then are you on your 3rd smartphone in the long list of devices but really have your heart set on another, which just happens to feel out of range price-wise? Have you a pile to donate?

A friend of mine who has several large flat-screen TV complained the other day that he couldn’t buy one of the newer TVs that had some better capability. Why? Because he’d run out of wall space and rooms himself. He said it didn’t make sense to upgrade because the others were perfectly fine. But it wasn’t until he said this that I realized, its something we all tend to do.

We cheap out, possibly out of necessity, but sometimes due to lacking the infinite wisdom that is bestowed upon us as we age. We also like to collect things, when it might be better to space out our purchase.

If you can, choose a good quality product over lots of cheaply made ones.

This just makes me become that much more intentional. I now hold off on some purchases, enjoying each one. Since I’m not hopping on every fad, I have more money to spend and, bonus(!), its usually better for the environment.

This can help save money and your enjoyment of the material things in life.

Who knows when the next phabletvision will come out!? Oh dear, I hope I have room!




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