5 Fun Halloween Game Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Some of the fun of Halloween is playing silly games. When preparing the games, be sure to keep the costumes in mind and plan things that will work around them. Games ought to be simple with easy to understand rules.

Mummy Wrap – Divide guests into little groups. Provide them with a roll or more of toilet paper and see who can use the toilet paper to wrap one of their friends the fastest (must be over the entire body other than the head). The very first one to finish their mummy using the whole roll wins.

Jack-o-Lantern Faces – Secure a large cut-out of a jack-o-lantern on the wall. Cut out matching face pieces cut out of black paper for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cover each player’s eye with a soft, felt mask. Each person gets a turn to play much the same as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” except participants put the eyes, nose, and mouth on the pumpkin face. Be sure that each player’s attempt is marked for being able to determine the winner in case of a close call.

Ghost Bowling – Collect ten empty one or 2-liter soda pop bottles (utilize the bigger containers for more youthful visitors). Decorate these in advance to look like ghosts. If you can, use oranges for the bowling ball, decorating them as jack-o-lanterns can add to the fun.

Ghost Hunters – Cut several paper ghost shapes and divide the players into two groups. Have one group hide the spirits around the room. The other team has to locate the ghosts. Play continues up until all ghosts are discovered. The team that finds all the ghosts in the shortest amount of time wins the game.

Pirates’ Treasure – Fill two small pails with sand and place inside a more giant washtub or box. Bury treasure in the pots such as little prizes, toys, or candy. Give each player a plastic spoon to dig for their treasure. Divide players into two teams. To begin, position players around their designated bucket and have them start at the same time. They must dig in their “treasure chests” until every piece is discovered. The team to find all the treasures first wins.

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