Easily Donate and Declutter For Free or Little Cost

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Are you still getting a lot of Amazon boxes that you break down and put out to recycle? Consider using them for good instead!

There’s a service called Give Back Box, and they work with a bunch of retailers who offer, for free or reduced shipping, to send a box to a charity. All you do is fill up the box with donations, apply the label, and get the box to a drop-off.

Tip: Through the United States Postal Service website, you can usually order a pickup for free, saving yourself any hassle a trip to the post office might typically be!

Currently, Amazon Give Back Boxes shipping labels are provided free of charge.

To make it worthwhile for the charities to participate, they are hoping you send in resaleable types of donations and not a bunch of things they must dispose of.

This is a great way to help implement the one-in and two-out rule when decluttering. Simply take one of the larger boxes you receive and order a label. Fill the box with items throughout the week or month or challenge yourself to fill it sooner. Then ship it off, knowing you’ve done something good for others and yourself!

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