This is the Reason Your Server Says “Better Than I Deserve”

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Have you heard the phrase “Better than I deserve” lately? Wonder what show it comes from or what it means? Was it someone working a job that might have been a side hustle service job, like Pizza Deliver, Uber Driving, or as a Waiter/Waitress?

Either you may have been:

  • Listening to or watching or The Dave Ramsey Show
  •  A service worker just answered this in response to small-talk (read on for an explanation of this if you don’t know already – it’s great trivia!).

The Dave Ramsey Plan

Either way, it’s an interesting idea.. we have followed The Dave Ramsey “The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness” plan for some time. It’s a very straight-forward rule-based system.  

Baby Steps

  • Baby Step 1 – Save $1000 emergency fund.
  • Baby Step 2 – Pay off all debt (besides the mortgage) using the Debt Snowball.
  • Baby Step 3 – Save from 3 – 6 months of expenses for a fully-funded emergency fund.
  • Baby Step 4 – Invest 15% of your household income into retirement.
  • Baby Step 5 – Save for children’s college.
  • Baby Step 6 – Pay off mortgage early (usually 5 – 7 years)
  • Baby Step 7 – Build wealth, spend and give.

Baby Steps 1 through 3 are to be done in succession while baby steps 4, 5, and 6 are to be done simultaneously.

Debt Snowball

Now, the debt snowball is where, regardless of interest rate and because of behavioral science, one line up their debts in order from the smallest total amount due to the most substantial amount due excluding the mortgage. Then, making the minimum payments on the bills overall, the most emphasis is put on trying to pay off the least debt as quickly as possible. Then, the newest smallest debt is ‘attacked’ in this way, that Dave Ramsey refers to as “Gazelle Intensity.”


Budget & Pay Cash

This type of system requires creating and adhering to a budget while not ever taking on any more debt.

Better Than I Deserve

Giving Back

Now, about that trivia! Once I heard Dave Ramsey tell those in Gazelle intensity mode working their second, sometimes third jobs, to let on about working the Ramsey Plan. If they were delivering Pizzas or Uber driving, they could use the term “Better than I deserve” in interaction with their customers. Then, those who have are debt-free from the same Baby Step process may realize these workers are trying to become debt-free as well, and perhaps give them a generous tip to help them on their way!


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