How to Donate during Stay at Home Orders

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Have you been decluttering lately but are disheartened by growing pile of things to donate? You finally just gave up on the idea of selling anything with value to just get it out of the house and even possibly benefit others, but now we wait for the Stay at Home orders to ease.

I’ve found a wonderful way to still give back and it is this:

  • Search for Give Back Box or go directly to the Amazon offered Give Back Box shipping label. Give Back Box is this wonderful effort to have people give back and donate things using their many boxes they get from ordering online. Other vendors besides Amazon participate, but choosing the Amazon option gives you a FREE, paid by Amazon, shipping label! They’ll even give you a receipt so that you can document what you’ve donated for your potential tax write-offs.
  • Then, pack some awesome donations inside your box.
    • Try to carefully pack anything fragile.
    • Be honest about what has any resale value for a donation site.
    • Seal the box and apply the label.
  • Head on over to the USPS online website and order a pickup of the box on your next scheduled delivery day. It’s FREE, too!

This is a great way to do things like when you sell things on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, or other online marketplaces. You get to stay safe but still are able to progress with your efforts!

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