Eco-Friendly and Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

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To reduce stress, sometimes it’s wise to wrap and tag gifts as you get them.

Wrapping Deals

  • Remember to buy wrap that may be used for other occasions when it”s on sale after the holidays.
  • Reuse the paper towel or toilet paper roll insert by cutting it lengthwise and using it to pop over the roll of paper (a paper towel roll may be cut into at least three segments for use). (Okay so I admit I tried this trick thinking it would work great but to me it seemed like the toilet paper roll or paper towel roll is too loose, –that and using a toilet paper roll weirded me out a little. So I did not find this very successful, but your thoughts may vary.)
  • Save ribbons from other gifts or craft projects for use later.

Wrapping Gifts Beautifully, Naturally, and Inexpensively

  • When adding a ribbon wrap around the package, use a smaller piece of wrapping paper like a cumberbund or accent piece
  • Use double-sided tape for a cleaner look, or fun tape to make a color splash
  • Reuse newspaper or packaging paper
  • Use nature for accents, pretty branches in a bundle on top
  • When using a plain wrap, stamp a pattern onto it
  • Use foil
  • Make an origami decoration as a ”bow”
  • Use pine cones with cinnamon as the ”bow”
  • Mix and match patterns (way to use small pieces) for fun
  • Use leftovers from crafting
  • Look online for pretty pictures
  • Have kids make cards for their friend’s gifts

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