Easily Extend Your Shabby Chic Look to Your Halloween Decor

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If you love shabby chic, you might be looking for ways to carry out that same decoration design for holidays, like Halloween. Halloween is typically an overload of orange pumpkins, black spiders, and white ghosts, but that does not always match your feminine, vintage-inspired fashion.

Here are some ways you can enhance for Halloween while additionally sticking to your shoddy elegant d├ęcor.

Add a Halloween Wreath to Your Front Door

A great way to decorate your home for Halloween is to make the best of your front porch. An excellent way to begin is by replacing your existing wreath with a new one. Start with a typical design wreath and add a few refined components to make it Halloween themed. Take a medium wreath form, and cover it in white material, along with some dainty doilies, white cloth, and even white yarn. Once completely covered, add some shoddy stylish Halloween things, such as white spiderwebs and some pastel or white-washed mini pumpkins. Finish off with some black and white flowers as well as plants to give it that worn-out stylish wreath appearance.

Make a Spooky Birdhouse

This simple ornamental piece can integrate both Halloween and the shabby elegant design. Get an old birdhouse and distress it by repainting it white, but not solid white. Make it look old as if weather-beaten, similar to various other shabby posh furnishings or decorative items in your home. Then, place a fake black crow or other blackbirds inside the coop, after that have some crawlers on webs on the outside of the cage to make it look old.

Load Your Fireplace With Candles


This suggestion could not appear Halloween-themed totally, yet it can be if you do it right. Remove all of the logs and timber from within your fireplace and move aside the fireplace screen. Fill the fireplace with candle lights, candlesticks, as well as high candlesticks of various dimensions. You’ll want to vary the height of all the candles, and they ought to fill the entire fireplace. Pick some shoddy chic candlelight stick holders and tall white votives. Mix in a few black candle lights and perhaps attach some fake plastic spiders (steer clear of the flame area). Light them up rather than having a fire for a creepy Victorian look for Halloween.

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