How to Avoid an Entire Repaint: Touch Up Your Ceiling the Easy Way

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This isn’t that big of a tip, but we just replaced a fixture in our kitchen, and this required we repaint the ceiling due to the new installation having a different footprint. Oh no, to paint the entire ceiling now? It would be good to reprint the entire floor’s ceiling, sure, but maybe at another time.

In order to do so with as little need to repaint the entire ceiling, I grabbed a bunch of the main off-white paint sample cards at the store, and then match then to the ceiling area that needs the touch-up.

This could be done for other areas when you need a touch-up.

Don’t worry about the extra paint swatches you may end up with; you can put them to use with crafts for the kids! (See Pinterest for Paint Swatch Crafts – hopefully, people don’t take them to do this specifically, but its a good use if you end up with them for real needs!)

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