Simple Management of Linens and Dishes

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When I was younger, I had the most beautiful lavender-blue towels from Restoration Hardware. They cost SO much but they were SO soft and pretty.

You know nothing I could find but silver looked good with it?

But I had spent the money on them and did enjoy them. So I kept them, and off to a long time struggle of colors in my bathroom.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that we simplified and chose just one color to work with for our bathroom towels. We did pick white, but even just picking one color across the household can help.

This has been such a wonderful time-saver for us. We no longer have to sort towels and put them in the right bathrooms, do different loads of towels, or even decorate according to particular colors. We can also keep track of how many towels we really need.

The same applies to dishes. We now keep our dishes to one color in the same way, and its been a lot easier than trying to keep a matching set. It has even allowed us to get rid of the ones we do not need!

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