Staying Ahead of the Deluge of Photos When you Have a Baby

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After having to come back from behind a huge mess of cleaning up and deduplicating all my digital files, photos, docs, scans, etc, I’m telling you it is a good idea to decide on a digital storage plan BEFORE a new baby comes along.

I now store all my photos according to the year then the month. Within those groupings, sometimes I’ll create an additional sub-folder of something like Halloween or whatnot.

A wonderful way to reminisce is also to set your computer background to one of these folders and let it randomly display the images from the folder. I usually set it to the same month but another year folder. That way I can see the photos and enjoy them from about the same season. Displaying them randomly brings a smile to my face as I recall the events and also has the benefit of making me want to go back in and clean up the blurry/bad images.

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