Can’t Get Your Milk Creamer Anymore?

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I love the Dunkin’ Donuts Extra Extra Coffee Creamer. I know I should just go black and not add things to my coffee, but I like a little coffee with my creamer, and I try to limit to two cups or less each day because of this.

But if you’ve been hunting down the latest places that may offer you your Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer fix, you may have been disappointed to find it out of stock nearly everywhere.

Here’s are some tips to help you find it, in case this may help you! YES, I have done a lot of research! haha

Where to Find Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer


Walgreens does carry it and you may check online to see if it is in stock. They do not offer it through the pharmacy-opened-for-convenience-shopping list, though, so you’d have to go in. They do offer special hours for seniors only, though!

Online Grocery

If you order online through a grocery store, and its not in stock when you order, then keep getting on each day if you are allowed to update the order and see if you can add it each day and/or at different times. Then, IF you are so lucky to get it in your cart, then you may just want to call yourself lucky and leave the order at that, so if you resubmit another update after this, it won’t be out of stock and removed immediately. Generally, you still have the risk of the item not being in stock, but at least its there on the order so if it is in stock, you may get some. Be sure to mark you don’t want substitutions if you don’t want it swapped out with something that isn’t real cream and sugar.

Dunkin’ Donuts Stores

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Can you buy Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer at the local Dunkin’ Donuts? Unfortunately, our local Dunkin’ Donuts do not do this, and it sounds like they generally don’t. I’ve made the suggestion whenever I got there for a bagel (though its not often, now, since we’re under Stay at Home orders).

Alternative Options (aka Can’t Find Any Anywhere)

Make Your Own Creamer

Make something similar at home and for cheaper! See the recipe below — I’ve still been able to find these ingredients at the store online ordering and via online retailers like Amazon and Target. If the Sweetened Condensed milk is out of stock, check to the for alternate versions in the ethnic sections like “La Lechera” brand by Nestle, but usually in the Mexican food section. Just be sure to look at the label to ensure its just milk and sugar (or if it has more, if that’s what you want to try!)

Try something different but similar

I’ve found the following to be fairly pleasant alternative options:

Homemade Cream & Sugar Creamer Recipe

So, if you still can’t get your hands on some delicious Dunkin’ Donuts creamer, look into making your own creamer. You can do so, and its pretty good and possibly cheaper.

How do you do this?

Simply mix a combo of Sweetened Condensed Milk and whole milk. If you want, you can mix in syrup flavors. Start with as fresh of milk as you can because you don’t want the milk to go bad once you’ve made the mix (and thus mixed in the Sweetened Condensed milk).


  • 14 oz. can Sweetened Condensed milk (not Evaporated milk)
  • 2 cups of whole milk (may want to use half & half or cream)
  • Any flavoring syrup you wish, or just save this to add a pump afterwards, if desired.


Mix together. Using the recipe as a guideline, taste test as you go to make note of what works for you.

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