Change Your Mindset on Failure to Progress

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I don’t know about you but this is true for me. I am afraid of failure. Mostly, I think I can do anything; I don’t really lack self-confidence. And when I try; I can get a lot done… but there are a lot of things I hold back on and don’t even try.


Because I don’t ‘go for’ some things based on my fear of failure thinking, that failure would be a bad thing.

Stop and envision a world with no mistakes or missteps. Where would we be?

  • Would we know about the human body enough to cure ailments?
  • Would we understand physics enough to send a man to the moon?
  • Would we have built the great infrastructures where we go around the world?

Surely mistakes happened along the way.

We must change our thinking and our kids thinking. Great progress results from many mistakes over time in the name of the bigger

Making mistakes and experiencing failure isn’t the goal, it’s a byproduct on our way to getting better, learning new things, discovering things, and making progress.

Examining failure can help change our view and help us approach challenging tasks with a positive mindset.

  • Think of something you learned that was hard at first but now seems fairly easy. Share this with your family and have them share some of their experiences.
  • Read about Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, or other famous people who changed the world, yet experienced failure in their endeavors.
  • Try to tell a story about a world with no failure. What would/could exist?

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