TheTappingSolution Phone App – Free EFT Resources

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I’ve just learned about EFT, or ‘tapping’ and it’s pretty interesting.

Just wanted to put this out there in case it might help anyone working in health care, first responder, mental health care worker, or teacher careers can get 6 months free right now to try it out!

It seems to be a really simple way to reduce stress. The app has over 200 tapping sessions for a variety of issues. They can range from around 5 minutes to 20. You rate your stress level before and after the session, and many people find it helps them feel better.

If you’re not one of these roles that can get the free six months, note that they are still offering a decent amount of free tapping sessions having to do with releasing stress having to do with these different times.

They have a FANTASTIC podcast:

Here’s a link to some of their free meditations:

  • Unlock Your Creativity
  • Quieting the Voice that Says “You are Not Enough”
  • Overcoming Exhaustion
  • Releasing Resentment
  • Releasing the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Overcoming Resistance to Exercise

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