Mourning the Loss of Normal

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I don’t think I’m alone in feeling the loss of ‘normal’ things. Milestones like birthday parties, reunions, even game nights with friends are postponed now in this new time of social distancing for safety.

I share with the kids that this is something that hasn’t happened in my many years — that it is different from anything we’ve seen in our many years.

A few ways I’ve come up with for managing the stress and overwhelm are:

Take advantage of the quiet times…

Reflect & Grow

  • Take time to listen to your heart. Honor the feelings of loss. Talk with your family about these feelings and be sure to include the kids.
  • Try meditating or mindfulness. At this time of crisis, there are a lot of mobile apps that make things super simple to remind you to do them each day.

Improve Yourself

  • I read a lot, and have subscribed to a few things that enable this to be very simple. This includes services like Amazon Unlimited and book summary apps.
  • Our library has a plethora of online-accessible resources – they even made things like access available from your home! Sometimes, too, states have inter-county sharing where they allow for you to access any of the resources. This can be a fabulous resource!

Spend Time with Loved Ones

  • Wipe off the table and do a puzzle together over a few nights
  • Play some family games

Invent New Ways of Doing Old Things

  • Can’t do a birthday party? Do a virtual get together via Skype or Zoom.
  • Gather everyone in the social-distance acceptable manner in a car parade. Go by your loved one’s home and wave and blow kisses!

Get to All Those Tasks on Hold

  • Take a course on decluttering or work on a decluttering challenge of getting rid of x items per day or play the minimalist game.
  • Create systems or streamline your processes.
  • Clean up and consolidate your finances.

Self Care

  • Do a facial.
  • Take a bubble bath.

Be Thankful

  • Make a list of things you’re grateful for. A routine like this can make you look for the good in things even when there is a lot of bad.
  • Sometimes the thing that de-stresses me the most is the thing that brings me joy – helping others. Figure out a way you can help in the world right now. For instance, you can make non-medical facial masks for a donation that would be welcome by a lot of people right now! If you can’t sew, then consider donating supplies to someone who can do this. Or look for another way to help!

Shout out to all those who are still working each day and don’t have the ‘down times’ I mention above — Thank you for what you do!

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