Is True Happiness Possible?

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Lots of people who have struggles in life frequently wave aside joy and claim that true happiness is not possible. The fact is there are different levels of satisfaction you can experience in life. It’s not a straight line. There are ups and downs that you will experience all throughout life, but whether you are happy or not is all about your emotions.

You Have It in You

You’re a human and can experience feelings, joy being among them. Being so, you can understand that genuine happiness does exist. You can most likely note many days and things that have brought joy to your life throughout the years because you were born up till today.

Look Around You

It’s amazing, however, while it’s simple to say that people can not be happy unless they have their standard needs met. Considering this however, you can discover that there are individuals all around you who do not have their needs fulfilled but who are still extremely happy. When you study rich people and realize they are not necessarily better than poor individuals overall, including their happiness quotient.

Happy Woman

It’s Not About Stuff

If you take a look at a list of the happiest nations worldwide, you will realize that enjoying isn’t about our possessions. The happiest individuals right now happen to live in Denmark. Many people who live there pay high taxes, reside in small houses, and tend to not be as consumer-driven as individuals in the U.S., for instance. The U.S. is 17 on the list of happy countries. That reveals that joy is not about things.

It’s Not Even About Objectives

If you often state things like “I’ll be happy when …” then it’s not likely you will be delighted. You can choose to be pleased today, before you reach your objectives, while you’re on the path to achieving those goals.

It’s Not About Your Situations

For delighted individuals, even the worst events will not make them unhappy, at least not entirely. A happy individual can typically navigate things about their situations.

True joy is about accepting that you can experience it, plus comprehending what it really means. A happy individual isn’t going to be the same level of delighted 24/7, 365 days a year. When you observe that people who are in less fortunate situations than you can be happy, it makes you recognize that you can be happy, too.

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