Easy, Proven Strategy to Simplify Dishwashing in the Kitchen

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Similar to the concept of everything in having a home to reduce clutter and cleaning, we’ve found a tip that works well for us to reduce the number of dishes we have to do!

What we do is set up each family member has a different colored cup to use. This way, we can easily keep track of our drinks throughout the day without questioning and can be more environmentally friendly. Also, through the day, we’ll often stash the cup in the fridge, so it stays cold. Of course, we still clean them regularly, but the churn of a cumbersome sink is much less.

We use colored tumblers in this way, but one could just as well pick out varying designs per each family member (this may depend on the maturity/understanding of the children).

There are also the more traditional wine charms for this type of labeling at social events. Then there are silicone stick-on mustaches or other designs. And so many different glass marker methodologies, stick-on, magnetic, or marker-based, but the colored tumbler method works for us!

This concept may be applied to other parts of the household, as well. Yes, towels, I’m looking at you!

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