The Best Ways to Use Expired Coupons

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Inside: Tips for how to use your coupons even if they’re expired!

I know, I need to be more selective. I start the mind-numbing task of clipping coupons and somehow even clip the one for fish food. Did we get fish? Nope. Am I suddenly doing a craft project that uses fish flakes? Nope.

I just clip them all. I’m a flurry and I break those papers down to a pile of remnants on the floor. So satisfying to gather and toss the non-monetary value pieces… so long little pieces of paper.

If you’re like me… you may end up clipping them and then filing them away, only to end up with lots of coupons reaching their expiration.

What to Do with Expired Coupons

Do not fear, there are ways to use the coupons, even when they have expired. Read on for some favorite methods on how to use expired coupons.

Shop at a Store That Accepts Them

Depending on the store, you may find that certain retailers will accept expired coupons. For store coupons, two well-known retailers that come to mind for this are PetSmart and Bed Bath and Beyond. If the store refuses the discount because of expiration, often, you can ask if they have a current coupon for use. Some will gladly swap them out for you.

For expired manufacturer coupons, you may need to try out a few grocery stores to see what grocery stores accept expired coupons in 2020. Some people report that Krogers will allow for expired coupons, but the latest barcodes have expiration dates embedded in them and registers may reject them when scanned.

Note: I must admit I have had little success anymore with expired coupons at the grocery store!

Support Our Troops

A great and super simple way to put all your hard work in clipping coupons to good, altruistic use is to send them overseas to our military. The commissaries overseas may take manufacturer coupons up to six months after expiration. Consider sending them to someone who you know is in the service overseas along with a goody-basket of love. If you don’t know anyone overseas, visit Support Our Troops for info on how to send them into an organization that divvies them out!

Just like many of us, many of our troops are on a budget, so these coupons can really come in handy while deployed. They are also nice reminders of our appreciation for their service. Just think, for the price of a stamp, you can send a bundle of savings to help someone out.

Expired Coupons

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