4 Things You’re Probably Paying Way Too Much For

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Were you already covered for the same service by an even different business?
That you don’t need or use the service anyway?

Here’s an example:
Are you spending on towing coverage from a business like AAA?

Have a look at your auto insurance.
Are you also paying for towing there?

If you do, then you’re already spending on that service!


Here’s a listing so you can do your very own check to find some financial savings in your budget where you can cut the fat!

Roadside Services

We’ve looked at this before. But start here. Review what you are currently paying for, what could be duplicate coverage and what you would be able to drop altogether.

Since towing may be covered under your auto warranty, you might be able to save money by removing some of your existing coverages and plans. Cancel your roadside monthly towing coverable and canceling your rental plan coverage. Before you drop anything, though, make sure what you keep is what you need! Don’t be underprepared, but don’t double-pay for services either.

Cable and Streaming Solutions

Next, let’s look at – Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Roku, Cable, DirectTV, Dish Network, etc. All of them. Lots of people have many subscriptions; however, a quick check of your viewing habits can reveal to you what your real needs are. When one does the work, it doesn’t make sense to keep two services. You can conserve over a thousand dollars a year by dropping an $80/month satellite service and forgoing a $2.40 once a week journey to the Redbox. Instead, just keep your streaming movie and even television cable service. You might need to wait for a few weeks to see the latest films, but you definitely won’t despise all the extra money you saved!

Phone/Internet/TV Providers

Most of us understand this, however, how many people actually DO this? Package, Bundle, Bundle! If you are choosing a television solution as detailed above, and you have web or phone services after that, make sure to get a package cost. Never really feel bad or like its too much to ask for a discount! If you see a brand-new client deal, especially when you are out of a contract, ask if they will extend the option to you. You will likely have to talk with the customer retention department, as opposed to customer support, for this. However, often, they will give the same deal if you let them know you’ll be canceling your services otherwise. In this case, they will often allow their loyal customers to keep the same prices as these new customer offerings.


Unless you function from home then possibly you should investigate using your cellular phone as a location to provide internet solutions for your tools. For just a bit extra per month in some cases, data service may be included in your cell phone plan. You may want to utilize your cell phone solution to stream the Internet. Be sure to research this before signing on to a regular monthly subscription service.

Alternatively, you might cut the data service from your mobile phone service provider as well as using Wi-Fi on your phone instead. Think about exactly how and where you utilize the web and choose the option that will work best for you and your household.

Use these tips to start surveying spots you may be overpaying and begin conserving today! And don’t stop there! Make a checklist of various other locations you thought of and reach out to the companies, to save more of your hard-earned bucks. Your piggy bank might squeal with joy!

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