How to Simply & Effectively Avoid Expired Coupon Woes

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The best things you can do with expired coupons? Avoid them! There are a few ways you can just avoid ending up with the frustration and hassle of expired coupons on your shopping trip.

Set up a coupon system

Buy a coupon organizer and when filing your coupons by category, be sure to always put your new coupons in the back of each section. This way, typically, the topmost coupons will expire first and it’s easier to weed them out. If you do this on a weekly or monthly basis, it can be a real quick task.

Get your coupons just-in-time

There are various online coupon portals where you can search for and print out coupons online. Get in the habit of doing this right before heading out.

Load coupons to your card

Some credit cards allow you to load coupons to your credit card, so when you use your card, you automatically get the discount at checkout. Just be sure to be mindful of your budget, if this makes you use your credit card when normally you would not.

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