How to Not Overspend on Special Deal Days

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Well, I have been looking at my emails at to me; it seems like Black Friday started on Monday! And since then, yes, I’ve been eagerly looking for my favorite peeps to have sales on their courses and added a few items to my wish list on Amazon to keep an eye out for.

But we’ve been decluttering lately, trying to live more simply and enjoy life and love with the family more. If you may be of the same frame of mind, consider the following tips to help you not overspend this Black Friday.

  • Make a list of things you need or want to give so you’re not just considering everything when the time-sensitive sales roll around.
  • Talk about your decluttering and simplifying with your friends – they just may be trying to pare down, too. Many people are right now. (Hello Kon Marie Netflix special!) You may both come up with an idea to do something together instead of giving gifts! Win-Win!
  • Look at the price on items that are time sensitively reduced and what it would be normally. If you’re not sure about the item, can you wait and just buy it for the marginal amount you’d have saved if you really end up wanting it?
  • If you get adrenaline from getting items, then consider this.. set up a different habit, such as getting onto your mortgage lender’s site and applying a little extra to the principal.
  • Consider keeping yourself busy all day in a different way. Take back the day and play games with the family. Go into work instead (it’s usually nice because other people aren’t at work!)
  • If you’re really wanting to stop the impulse shopping, watch the sales like an event on the news but don’t partake in them. Try to make a commitment NOT to buy anything over the sale weekend.
  • Now this one is kind of far-fetched, and I hear other countries are having something like Black Friday now too, but consider traveling to another country during the sales peak.

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