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  • What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

    Amazon Subscribe & Save is a way to set up a recurring order so that you can set things up to come automatically, when you need them. For instance, if you go through a set of three toothpastes every three months, then you can set it up so that every third month, another will arrive. In addition, because of bundling items together for a slower ship time, Amazon usually rewards you with a discount on the order. It can be really helpful.

    When checking out with the item, you should see the varying levels of discount you will receive for it based upon how many items you have shipped at once. Its also nice when you’re trying to lesson your impact on the environment, because you can technically save up all your shipments to come at once instead of individually.

  • I have an other than standard Amazon Prime account, can I use Subscribe & Save?

    Yes, Subscribe & Save works with Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Family, Amazon Prime Student. You may get special perks, depending on your account. For instance, Amazon Family gives potential better discounts on items pertaining to babies. In order to partake in the Amazon Family (some people refer to as Amazon Mom) promos, one must be an Amazon Prime member.

  • How do I cancel my Amazon Subscribe & Save Subscriptions?

    You can cancel Subscribe & Save items from being delivered easily by going to your Subscriptions then selecting the item, and choosing Cancellation. You’ll get a prompt to Skip the next delivery or a will select from reasons why you’re cancelling then click “Confirm cancellation” button. You don’t have to select a reason, but it may help Amazon to know why you’re doing so. There is no fee to cancel, other than that if you end up with less items, your total discount percentage may change. You may even cancel after just one delivery!

  • What’s my benefit of buying through Subscribe & Save?

    Typically, buying through Subscribe & Save will make it so that your order is up to 15% off. Items vary, however, and depending on the number of items in your order (less than 5 items), your discount may be 0% to 5%.

  • How much can I save vs. a regular order when using Subscribe & Save?

    Typically, the savings can range from all the way from 0% to 15%. The 0% items that are set up with Subscribe & Save still help you qualify for the 5+ items discount where you save more with more items. With Amazon Prime Family, the discount could even be better, at 20%, on certain baby related items – like diapers!

  • Will my coupon still be valid when the item is shipped?

    When sign up for Subscribe & Save and there is a coupon, it will give you the coupon savings, as well as the Subscribe & Save percentage discount for that order. Any subsequent orders will have the appropriate discount, according to your order, but will not have the coupon applied again. The coupons are typically for the first order, only, unless you find a new offer.

  • When will I get my Subscribe & Save items?

    Subscribe & Save shipments are, at most, monthly, but you may choose to set them up at even less frquent monthly intervals.

  • How do I delay a Subscribe & Save order?

    You can choose to ‘Skip’ an order to the next month’s shipment or to reschedule it to another interval.

  • What should I do to delay my Subscribe & Save order?

    If you’re going to be out of town, are not ready for a ‘refill’ of your item, or even don’t have enough items to get the best discount possible through Amazon Subscribe & Save, you may choose to delay your delivery.

    To do so, simply navigate to your current Subscribe & Save orders and select to either Skip the month or reschedule the order to be based on another interval.

  • What are filler items?

    Filler items are usually inexpensive items that customers add to their monthly Subscribe & Save orders in order to get to five items within the order so that they may qualify for the best percentage discount.

  • How do I get the best discount?

    Usually, you’ll want to ensure you have five items set up to ship on the same date for the same account, in order to get the best discount. Sometimes it can be beneficial and still save you money, if you have less than the five items, if you add an inexpensive filler item to your order in order to get the best discount. When you’re at 5 or more items in an order, you’ll get the best discount percentage, while under 5 items will only give you around 5% or less. When adding the fifth item, your totals on your existing orders for that month will be recalculated with the larger discount percentage.

  • Why are some of my items discounted by 0% or 5% or 10% instead of 15%?

    If it seems like the Subscribe & Save discount is not working, like you’re not saving the 15% you expected, there are some things to keep in mind. The amount of discount varies by items, and sometimes account type.

    Some items may just offer a different percentage. For instace, I clicked into some dog treats and the percentages shown are 5% / 10%.

    For instance, Amazon Family will give you up to 20% of diapers, baby food, and more.

    In addition, you may notice that when you have the first four items set up for Subscribe & Save in the same month, when you add the next, or fifth one, Amazon will recalculate your other orders for that month with the upgraded discount!

  • Can I use a coupon more than once?

    A coupon is tied to an account and so can’t be used other than the time it shows as allowed. Often, however, the same type of promo will run at different times, so I’ve been able to get discounts on things like Tide just by watching for savings. If you have your account set up in a way where more than one household member can check out, then you may be able to use the same coupon but on each account, once. Just be sure that if you do this, to review your Subscribe & Save options periodically on both accounts, so you don’t end up forgetting about a subscription.

  • I need something now, but can I still get a Subscribe & Save discount?

    Sometimes, when you need an item and are ordering it through the normal shipping process, Amazon will offer a discount if you opt to subscribe at some interval for that item, as well. This is a great way to get something you need right away, but still benefit from the convenience and discounts afforded by the Subscribe & Save program!

  • How do I see the items I have set up for subscription?

    You can see your Amazon Subscribe & Save orders set up in the Subscriptions tab of the Subscribe & Save section of your account.

  • How can I see what is coming from my Subscribe & Save on which Month?

    From the Subscribe & Save section under your account, review the Deliveries tab for more on what items are set up to come on what months. This may help you identify and group items for the best discount.

  • How can I change my Subscribe & Save Delivery Day?

    You can easily update your Amazon Subscribe & Save date to another date from your account settings. From the Subscribe & Save page under your Amazon account, click on the Settings tab. There will be a spot that displays your recurring delivery day. Click the blue highlighted info in order to select another date.

  • Where can I find what I can purchase through Subscribe & Save?

    You can Explore Subscribe & Save options based on recommended items based on past orders, and other categories.

    Or shop the Amazon Subscribe & Save Store. If you use this way of looking at the items, you can filter by category and coupons!

  • What is Amazon SnS or Amazon S&S?

    Amazon SnS or Amazon S&S are abbreviations you may see for Amazon Subscribe & Save.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions for Amazon Subscribe & Save?

    This is important, as rule may change over time! Be sure to check out the following important pages for the most comprehensive understanding of the Subscribe & Save program:

    Amazon’s pages:
    How Subscribe & Save works
    Subscribe & Save Terms & Conditions
    Subscribe & Save FAQs

  • Why did the price of my item change?

    After the first item ordered, the price will be based on the price at the time the item ships. Since Amazon sends an email to remind you of your Subscribe & Save order, then you may review your order and update it, if desired. You may edit or cancel the order before it ships.

  • When will I get my Subscribe & Save order?

    The date of your Subscribe & Save order is an estimate and your order may arrive by the date but it is an estimate so may vary slightly in order for the packaging and shipment process to be optimized.

  • What’s the best discount for diapers?

    In order to get the best discount for diapers, look at the Amazon Family membership. This offers a whopping 20% discount. In addition to that, the Amazon Family membership offers even more, it offers a free gift on Baby Registry creation and a registry completion discount, where you may purchase any items that weren’t purchased for a discount, plus exclusive online coupons for baby and other products!

  • Is Subscribe & Save worth it?

    The convenience of Subscribe & Save is great, you can easily save between 5% – 15% (and sometimes even 20% on diapers through Amazon Prime Family!) It’s also a great way to be able to get one shipment of your often needed items so you’re not having to break down lots of boxes.

    With the fact that Amazon sends an email before your Subscribe & Save order is shipped, it is easy to check the costs of that month’s items to confirm they are the deal you expected. Its very easy and straightforward to cancel or postpone an item, that it doesn’t really require a lot of effort.

    It’s great that you can build your order up throughout the month and then when it gets close to ship time, then you can take a look and ensure you’re getting good prices and that you qualify for the best discount by having the 5 or more items. If you’re close to the five items, it can be advantageous to add an inexpensive, or filler item(s) to the order inorder to qualify for the larger discount!

    If you already purchase items, from Amazon or other retailer, the Subscribe & Save discount can be a great way to save even more. That, added with the convenience of the autoship (with handy reminder) can be a great timesaver.

  • Are coupons available for Subscribe & Save items?

    Yes, coupons are available for Subscribe & Save items through Amazon. They will either show up on the item listing page or you may view them on the Amazon Subscribe & Save Coupons page. Coupons may be for a dollar amount off or a percentage off the price.

    Remember that coupons do not automatically apply after your initial order. So when the next interval comes up for that item, review the cost to ensure you’re still willing to purchase the item for that price.

  • How to add items to Amazon Subscribe & Save order?

    To add an item to your Subscribe & Save order, it must be a Subscribe & Save eligible item. This will be indicated in the Order panel, where you may be able to add the item to your cart as a One-time purchase, or select Subscribe & Save to be able to add to your Subscribe & Save order.

    Sometimes, if you need an item right away but still want to save a little, when you add a Subscribe & Save item to your cart, you may see an option to subscribe to save even more. If so, select what monthly interval you’d like to receive the item and proced through the order process.

  • Is Amazon Subscribe & Save cheaper than a Warehouse club?

    While items may not typically be quite as discounted or bulk rate on Amazon than the Warehouse club, by using the Subscribe & Save feature, and ordering five or more items at a time to optimize your discount, you may be able to save yourself the cost of purchasing a Warehouse club membership. A major convenience is the fact that it gets shipped to you! If you enjoy things like fresh fruit and bakery items from a warehouse club, then you may still get value from having either/or both memberships and using them for their best savings.

  • Is Amazon Subscribe & Save free?

    Yes, Amazon Subscribe & Save is free. Shipping for Subscribe & Save items is also free. The ‘catch’ is that you must subscribe to items and more than five items to qualify for the biggest discount. However, it is easy to cancel your Subscribe & Save items, so this is not a huge drawback.

  • Does Amazon Subscribe & Save lock in prices?

    No, subscribing to an item through Amazon Subscribe & Save does not lock in a price.

    It also does not lock in and reuse coupons.

    You will get a reminder before your order ships each month, however, so you may review the items on your order and the cost of each. If you wish to cancel any items, it is easy to do so. You just must remember that if you drop below the five items per Subscribe & Save shipment, that your discount percentage will drop from the max.


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