Get a Surprise, Be Socially Responsible, & Dress Well

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I know we’re here and trying to be frugal, but this is something I’ve still found to be cost-effective, fun, and good for the environment.

It’s the ThredUp Goody Boxes. It’s sort of like a StitchFix with secondhand clothes.

You sign up for a GoodyBox and pay a $10 styling fee. They will then send 10 like-new items for you to check out. You get to provide info ahead of time on what you’re looking for and they will pay attention to it. Or you can even add 10 items from the store and have it sent in this way, to try on.

Or as we like to call it.. have a FASHION SHOW!


Okay all jokes aside, if you’re itching to get in on a subscriber box but are tired of the expense, this can be a solution.

Just return the items you don’t wish to buy with the prepaid shipping label.

It’s fun. Check out ThredUp and all they offer!

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