Get Paid Daily: Dream or Hidden Nightmare?

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The revolution of the Gig Economy with its ever-changing independent contractor workforce has really changed the game for working people. It’s easier than ever to pick up an extra job to earn some cash and then have that money paid to you the very next day!

In addition to that, I’ve even seen signs at the local Wendy’s enticing prospective employees based on being able to get pay the very next day!

While these jobs can be great for people to get up and running quickly to make some cash, there are pitfalls. Some of the jobs, like the passenger or food delivery options, offer very little in the form of traditional benefits.

There’s nothing going into a 401k from your own earnings, much less a match from the employer. This can be a drawback and even moreso when the employee get stuck in a cycle of earning to spend by being enticed to cash out their pay almost as quickly as it is earned.

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