7 Healthy Habits for Kids to Help Avoid Getting Sick

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With school being in full swing again, it seems there’s always a few kids sick in the classroom. Over the school year, it can seem to be like a never-ending cycle of working through illnesses, doctor visits, and getting well again.

As a parent, we’ve all had the days when our child was too ill to send to school. As we re-arranged our schedule to accommodate staying at home with them, we probably thought of where they could have captured the bug. More than likely, we will position the blame on the school. At the same time, how often do we send our kids to school with a little cough or runny nose? It’s a double-edged sword. 

Teach your children to be responsible for the things they can do to make themselves stay well.

Suggestions to help keep kids from getting sick

  • Make sure that your kids wash their hands. Keeping hands clean is the most reliable way to avoid disease. Kids should scrub their hands for 10 to 15 seconds, or as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday to you” song one time in a relaxed manner. Doing this may dry the hands, so teaching them to properly rinse off all the soap and dry their hands entirely is essential. So is moisturizing – get them in the habit of putting on a good moisturizer during their nighttime routine.
  • Teach your children to keep things out of their mouths and away from their faces (including their hands).
    • Have them be responsible. One thing that has helped us is having the kids be responsible, and teaching them that they are in control of themselves. When we see a nail-biting habit has started, we remind them that habits form over time and ask them to change to NOT bite their nails. It seems like if this is caught early enough, it can really work wonders.
    • Be outlandish for them to remember. We also tell them to pretend there is a ball between their mouths and hands. As their hand approaches, they imagine the ball keeping the hand from reaching the mount.
    • Teach your kids to eat with utensils. This can be useful and help with the avoidance of hands directly to the mouth, as well. Sometimes I’m surprised at how many kids don’t know how to eat with forks and spoons correctly and effectively enough that they will drop right into finger mode, even on things like mashed potatoes!
  • Don’t allow your kids (and parents) to share utensils. Discovering to share is essential; this shouldn’t use glasses, cups, or eating utensils.
  • Make sure your children get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation depresses the body’s immune system. Many kids require at least 8 hours of sleep per night, with some suggesting more around10 hours a night.
  • Enable full healing. When your kids are sick, do not send your kids to school. Fevers are a good indication that your kid is infectious and can make other children sick. Be respectful to the other kids and their households and keep your kid home.
  • Keep your children up-to-date on vaccines. New vaccines secure versus an array of unsafe illnesses, consisting of meningitis.
  • Be a good example. Follow these tips in front of them, so they learn from your actions as well.

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