Meditation Apps Going Free for our Stress

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Some of the well-known Meditation apps are providing more free offerings or free subscriptions.

A few of them I’ve run across are:

  • Balance AppBalance App by Elevate has a great deal. Offering one year free, you have to subscribe for the trial to take effect and your form of payment has to have ‘enough’ that would cover the $49.99/year but other than that, if you do it through the App Store as I did, its easy to look at your subscriptions through Apple so you can unsubscribe before the charge would take effect and then the remaining time (up to the year) would still be covered under the trial. To get this offer (I’m not sure when it ends), download the app from the relevant app store and then click on payment options to click the Subscription option. The Balance App is available for iPhone and Android.
  • Headspace Headspace is offering a larger number of their offerings for free during these stressful times. They are also offering some free access to Headspace Plus for Healthcare Professionals and Teachers.
  • Meditation OasisMeditation Oasis is offering its Meditation Rx app for free as long as the pandemic lasts. The Meditation Oasis site already offers many meditational recordings for free on its website.
  • Calm Calm is offering many resources for free.
  • TenPercent TenPercent has many resources for stress relief. If you’re a healthcare worker, they will give you free access to the app.
  • SimpleHabit – This application offers many short sessions, including those that are focused on helping to relieve some anxiety. Anyone that has lost income and can’t pay for their Premium membership due to the pandemic can send them an email to request access.

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