How to Avoid Craft Kit Clutter and Overload From Now On

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Okay, I love the craft kits. I love pitching in and helping with the crafts. Its so fun to play with the kids when they’re working creatively.

But one thing that has become apparent to me as the house has become more cluttered in a constant struggle. So, to make it easier for us, what we do now is:

When we open a craft kit – we do it all!

  • It doesn’t sit around the house on the table (though it did before this rule!)
  • It doesn’t just get boxed back up for when we want to work on ‘the second half’


We do it all and we do it the one time. Then we take pictures and enjoy the items for a while. Sometimes we’ll share with extended family.

Life is more present for us when we can enjoy being clutter free. This helps us to be in the moment still even with the additional consumerism that some of these things bring us.

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